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Welcome to a space where plants are the topic of conversation. The idea of our blog is to introduce our plant friends and discuss the care we give them and they give us.

In fact, we all three share the same passion to take care of our plants, outside and inside, our vegetable gardens. We like to watch them grow, and appreciate their beauty. More generally, we share a love of nature and the freedom it generates.

This is the reason why, in this blog, we want to share our experiences about plant care and for example, explain how to place plants correctly in relation to the sun or shade. Indeed, caring for plants is less difficult than you think , especially since some plants are very hardy, they can survive in the face of certain oversight... watering for example ... Oops ! It is above all a very relaxing activity, which allows you to refocus, to connect with yourself and nature.

To this end, we want to share with you, our tips, our advice, our experiences. But also, we would like to give you the desire perhaps to start discovering for yourself and experimenting in your turn. Last but not least, these are also great moments to share with our children so that they can put their hands in the soil and watch their plant grow and flourish.

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